Worldwide Truck Driving School is committed to quality driving…

  • Class B License

    Any school purposes bus with designed seating capacity for more than...
  • Class C License

    Any coach bus with designed seating capacity for more than 24
  • D License

    DZ license will allow you to operate more than 5 tons….

  • F Licence

    Regular Bus – Maximum 24 Passenger Capacity – and Ambulances.

G -Auto Driver Training

Auto Driver Training

We provide reasonably priced driver education programs to the people of all age groups. Our team of professional instructors are certified by the Ministry of Transportation, highly experienced and are very patient and courteous.

Our instructors will ensure that you are enabled to drive under all various conditions eg. city driving, highway driving, night driving and special emphasis on winter driving skills. All the cars are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors and they are insured for teaching purposes.

The goal of our driver education is to install a mature, responsible attitude in the driver – whether novice or experienced, toward the safe care and control of a motor vehicle: to develop life -long defensive driving skills and habits with a respect and adherence for traffic rules and laws in sharing the roads.